Why Hire a Professional Landscape and Lawn Care Company?

Your lawn plays a significant role in the overall outdoor appearance of your house. A lot of effort, dedication, and time is required in order to make a yard beautiful, healthy, and green. For families, lawns are an integral part of their memories as their children grow up playing in the yard. Lawns are great for a small family and friend get together and they are eco-friendly as well. So lawns are an important part of the house and family and thus it becomes necessary that they should be taken care of to the maximum possible level. However due to busy schedules people get little time and it becomes a difficult chore to properly take care of the lawn and landscaping. It is often better to hire a lawn care professional who can take good care of the lawn. Optimum maintenance of lawn can be done only by a professional lawn service. Lawn mowing professionals understand the requirements and needs of families very well and they will develop the lawn accordingly. Unkept lawns give the house a disastrous look, and it’s difficult to spend quality time in a disorderly looking lawn.

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So if you want your house to look beautiful, attractive and appealing then it is best to hire a professional lawn service. Lawn care specialists may be expensive; hence thorough research should be done before hiring one. The most important point to be considered is that one should hire a lawn maintenance professional who is qualified for the job he is performing. Experience and a good track record are important qualities of a good lawn service professional. Besides these qualities a lawn care professional needs to be aware of the environmental issues. He should understand the importance of a chemical free and healthy residential environment.

It is important for to collect all the information about the annual cost, and the cost, which will incur after each visit for the lawn care services.

There is a wide range of services, which are offered by the companies so you should be clear about the kind of services you want from your chosen lawn care professional such as mowing, seeding, aeration, maintenance, pest control etc.

Most lawn service companies will offer guaranteed services and occasional discounts.

It is a must to get all the information prior to hiring a lawn care professional or company and by being a little prudent you can be a proud owner of an amazing, beautiful, and attractive lawn.

Basic Lawn Care Ideas for Landscaping Your Tiny Front Yard

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Having a great landscape design can make or break your home's curb appeal. But having a home with curb appeal doesn't have to be the end game. For many homeowners, having a yard that looks picture worthy is more than a goal, it is a passion. However, for those who want the beautiful yard but possess minimal knowledge of how to achieve that look, it can be an intimidating challenge.

Fortunately, having a gorgeous yard does not require a degree in horticulture, but is does mean either doing a lot of homework or either bringing someone in to do the work for you. If you opt to do the work yourself and lean as you go, then having some helpful hints from pros both around the country, and especially in your region, can be a big help. To get you started, here are some landscaping tips from the pros.

· Don't just get stuck on a beautiful yard for a specific season. Think about what your yard will look like from January through December, then plant accordingly. With this thought in mind, be sure to include a variety of shrubs and trees that will remain green all year long.

· Do walk certain areas of your yard on a regular basis? If so, then consider laying out decorative stepping stones or decorative brick, crushed stone or flagstone to connect those areas. Choose something that will complement your home's exterior. And, depending on the location of the paths, you may want to include fountains, lights or other decorative elements.

· Do you have a large expansive yard? Consider adding a large rock/boulder to the yard. It will add interest by breaking up the monotony of grass.

· If a boulder isn't your style, add in a berm (a large mound) that you can cover with flowers, colored stones, or perhaps a tree that will add interest.

· Talk to a landscaping team and determine if a water feature would work in your pace. Even a small fountain that stands alone can add to your space, so long as it looks natural in the location in which it is placed.

· Make it inviting by adding in benches or an outdoor seating area. Whether it is a few benches along a garden path, or an outdoor patio, having a place to stop and smell the roses is a great way to make your yard a more peaceful haven.

· Have variety. Don't just plant one type of shrubbery or flower. Mix it up so that there is always something blooming in the yard.

· Don't stress over straight lines. Whether it is a path, a garden fence, a designated natural area, pond or other feature, use curved spaces rather than boxed ones. The idea is for your yard to look natural, and things that grow wild in nature or natural ponds are never perfectly boxed in.

Having a gorgeous yard with maximum curb appeal doesn't require years of training, but it does mean doing some planning. If you have questions about creating the perfect outdoor space, talk to your local landscaping experts, such as the pros at Edgefield Plant and Stone. In talking to landscaping professionals you can learn how to take your basic yard and turn it into a work of art.